Chalk and cheese.


I’ve just been listening to the local radio station. They played the new Spice Girls single. . .well, whatever. It’s totally forgettable. Unlike Kylie’s one. . .which is fab! Straight after they played the Spice Grans song they played All Saints’ Black Coffee. That song is still KILLER after all these years. They were *so* ribbed when they released Rock Steady, but it is 50 times better than the Spice Grans song. Seriously!

Name a type of bean?


I watched this last night on TV. Thank GOD, someone put this up on You Tube. This is just brilliant. It’s from Family Fortunes (otherwise known as Family Feud elsewhere in the world).

Can you name another type of bean that ISN’T a baked bean?

People are C*nts!

Just read this story on the BBC News website. Man, I don’t wan to live in a world like this! People are f*cking sick and f*cked up!! Please be aware this story is about animal cruelty. If you are easily upset, you might not want to read it.

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Chrissy’s cubby-hole.


This was how I found my baby girl last night when I went to bed. That is the view from the little void open from the wardrobe doors. Little Miss Princess was on the shelf where all the towels are, moulting her hair all over them.

Although she is a total minx, I love her to bits.

OK everybody, after me…


If this face greeted YOUR marriage proposal, what would YOU think?


This was the face that greeted the character Pepper on neighbours when she asked Adam to marry her. NICE! What would you think if you were greeted with this face?

Anyway, it transpires that although Pepper is quite “into” Adam, she proposed purely for “marriage of convenience” purposes, to help him able to stay in Australia. NAUGHTY!

Happy Pussy?

Mrs Slocombe anyone?

I received a birthday card in the post yesterday from Cheryl. It’s of a picture of a kitten surrounded by CGI frangipani flowers. Anyway, there was a caption on the back which described the picture on the front (printed down the right side):


When *IS* the right time?


I’ve just been reading an article on the BBC News web site about the argument for lowering the legal limit at which you can have an abortion from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. The Health Minister Dawn Primarolo argues that there is insufficient scientific evidence for lowering the limit on the basis that extremely premature babies have not increased their survival rates in recent years.

Surely that is not the point. Isn’t the point that at 24 weeks most medical professionals will do all they can to help a premature baby live? And if that’s the case, surely then at 24 weeks the medical profession believe that child to be at a more established human development?

Ms Primarolo also provided statistics which reveal that the vitality of babies born at 21 weeks is 0%, whilst the vitality of babies born at 23 weeks is 11%. Well what about the babies born at 24 weeks? It must be a higher figure? She also says that 89% of abortions take place before 13 weeks. So based on those figures why would you not feel compelled to lower the legal limit to 20 weeks, or even 21 weeks?

This seems ridiculous to me. In this day and age, women can know that they have conceived just DAYS after conception. Medical complications in pregnancies are detected earlier and earlier. I for one see no valid justification in keeping the legal limit at 24 weeks. That is almost 6 months into a pregnancy. It’s far too late.

I think somewhere like Western Australia have the right approach to abortion. The legal limit is set at 20 weeks. Abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy may only be performed if the foetus is likely to be born with severe medical problems – which must be confirmed by two independently appointed doctors.

Read the full article here.
Photo supplied by Leo Reynolds under creative commons (some rights reserved).



This is the result of two nights work of Chrissy protesting against being taken off the computer chair. At night she’s meant to be in her Dr Jekyll mode. . .but for the last two nights she’s still been Hyde well after midnight. Naughty puss!

Death By Monkey?

Just looking around the BBC News web site when I see this story, headlined “Monkeys kill Delhi deputy mayor”. Unbelievable. What a bizarre way to die, the poor man.

Read the full story here.