21. Talk About A Time You Had To Turn Someone Down.

Yeah…well, it happens *ALL* the time! Lol. Not!

The one time I *did* have to do it…it wasn’t fun. I really, really liked the guy. He was best friend. I LOVED him! I just wasn’t IN LOVE with him. Man…it was horrible. I didn’t want to hurt him but I didn’t want him to feel lead on. 

Things got pretty bad. We had to stop being friends. 

It was a LOOOOONG time ago. We are now friends again. Have been for quite a long time. Even hung out together on one of my returns back to Australia. I saw him gigging at a pub in Sydney. Yeah, we are distant but good friends.

Life’s a funny thing.

20. Talk About Something That Happened In High School

I dropped out at 14. Years of bullying finally took its toll. I was SO young (before the education department’s legal minimum age you were allowed to leave school of your own accord), I had to get special permission to leave.

There are really not many regrets I have in my life…but letting the bullies win by being driven out of school and missing the education I so strongly craved (the ultimate irony to it all is, I WANTED TO BE THERE! I WANTED TO BE EDUCATED – the bullies didn’t!) is definitely number one.