June 24th, 2014 – Today Was A Good Day


We went out and got two new fish we’ve named Ziggy and Iggy. They have settled in well and are enjoying exploring the new surroundings.


Yes, not the best shot, but, there you go.

I also got myself a new bag, a light summer cardigan and a scarf I can use as a belt for my ever loosening jeans.

I also did lots of walking and ate well.

June 23rd, 2014 – Today Was A Good Day


I ate well. I had been a little of the rails the last few days, but today I was good* (*for me). I had two slices of toast with Promite. Tea was some cheese and onion quiche with potato gratin and peas. Afters were an apple (Jazz apples are my fave!) and (uh-oh!) a packet of crisps. A SINGLE packet of crisps. And the last packet I’ll be having for some time. And apart from the two packets I’d had previously in the previous few days, they were the first crisps I had had in…I don’t know when! Months!

So, yeah. Today was a good day because of that.

And also because I did things I needed to do. Boring stuff. Like doing the washing up. Cleaning the toilet. Preparing the fish tank for the new fish we’re getting. These are things I couldn’t do several months ago, as I was stuck deep in apathy. I did them today.

So, today was a good day 🙂