Roman Kip

Our little man having a lovely afternoon kip in his ‘arhse’ (house)

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The Moon, Jupiter and Venus.


A photo of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus taken by my partner on Sunday night. We don’t have the best of cameras but they are at least all identifiable in this picture. (Well, the Moon definitely is, and if you’re into astronomy and know about the visibility of Jupiter and Venus in the night sky at the moment, you’d know it was them)

Roma is RoMAN

I had a chat on Skype with my friend Kelly yesterday and I was discussing the (what I thought was) sexual ambiguity of Roma (our little semi-feral cat that I’ve referred to in previous posts), saying I wasn’t sure whether she was female even though in my mind I thought this to be.

Kelly concluded due to descriptions I’d given of Roma’s back end that perhaps she was actually MALE! I’d obviously had my doubts, hence the conversation but I had never had any experience of Tom cats before so wasn’t really sure what I was looking at “down there”. It wasn’t until I then looked at some pics online of male cats but I still couldn’t quite see what the pictures showed me. I could see that Roma was definitely not a girl but wasn’t convinced he was all boy either.

Then today, a photo op availed itself and, ta-dah! Behold!


There’s a YouTube clip as well, just to confirm. you live and learn…

What’s That?

Here I am, blowing you away with my photographic skills. This is just one of several failed and/or substandard shots I took of the moon tonight. I think it’s a it more like the M.O.O.N than anything (Janis will know what I mean)…


What’s worse is my camera took this photo, despite it being black. Silly camera! Lol