19. Talk About Something That Happened In Middle School.

Well, I’m going to assume the equivalent of this in Australia is Primary school (attend from ages 8-11). I wasn’t there very often. I was bullied and as a consequence spent A LOT of time away from school. I have very hazy memories of primary school.

Ok. One of the ODDEST things to happen was me being awarded swimming proficiency certificates. Considering I was NEVER there…I have NO idea HOW this happened! Those who know me would know that there is NO WAY I was a proficient swimmer! Certainly not worthy of getting certificates. Something told me that a decision was made “up top” that I should get them, otherwise it would reflect bad on the school. That’s the only way I can see as to why I got them. It was VERY ood. I was as surprised as anyone to be receiving them. Lol.