Why I love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

I had never seen the animation when it came out but I was aware of the Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson version of the film’s title song.

A colleague at my then place of employment was fanatical about it and invited me to go and see the stage musical production with her. I had never been to a musical in my life before. I very soon caught the bug!

I absolutely ADORED the stage production and fell in love with Beauty and the Beast from that moment. I have seen the stage production several times since, in various locations. Sydney three times (the place I originally saw it with my work colleague), London – once, Bristol (during which I was in the early stages of contracting Whooping Cough – I was 32 years old, not fun!) and at Milton Keynes – my most local performance to date.

I love the film also. But for me, nothing beats the joy of the stage production. It is so wonderful.

If there is ever a ballet version, I’d love to see it. I might even venture to see it “On Ice” sometime in the future.

Disney make the loveliest animations. The production values have always been so wonderful. Hence the many Oscar gongs they have achieved. One of my favourite Disney animations is Mulan. I have a fascination with East Asia, particularly Chinese and Japanese cultures. Mulan ticks the boxes of East Asian themes and strong female characters.

Disney do make great allegories.

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