Hogs – Part 2.

Potential hog wars. The main part of the action happens off camera, but you can hear all the rummaging during the ‘scrap'(?).


From Vid

When Drew met Larelle.

(see what I did there? 😉 )

I’ve never really had the opportunity to share this before because once I got back from Australia, the book got put away without me even getting so much as a picture of it. Anyway, here it is some four years later, my autograph from Drew Barrymore. 



No personal dedication I’m afraid. What with scrabbling to get a book out of my bag for her to sign, plus finding a pen, I was WAY too flustered to ask. 

She was very lovely about it all and I was too awestruck to have much of a memory of it. I remember more the unbridled desire to call my mum as soon as it happened as I just HAD to tell SOMEONE! I was bursting with adrenalin!

Never thought in a million years I’d ever meet anyone SO famous – certainly not while just lolling about in the plebs area of departures at Sydney airport 🙂