I Just Got Me A Pick-me-up!

I love the way it makes it look like Chris is trying to nick my choccies. She hates all human food, and I’d never give her chocolate anyway. My previous cat in Oz, Tiger, she LOVED chocolate and I’d give her bits, not knowing at that time it was poisonous! 

Don’t You Just LOVE Banks?

I use on-line banking to check my balance, pay bills, etc. We opened a new account recently, and instead of being able to create in account online, we had to call the bank to have the online banking set-up. To sign-in the account requires sort-code, account number, two numbers of a four digit numbered code and then one final question answered. Five questions were asked, and any one of these five could be the one to fill in. ANYWAY, one of the five has never come up until today, and I CANNOT remember what this word is. I could only try to access the account three times until on the third occasion when I got the word wrong AGAIN and was blocked out of the account. We will now have to ring the bank to have the online banking account set back up!!! Friggin’ Mary!!! Momma said there would be days like this…

Baby Greenfinch!

Oh the cutest thing ever is outside! An adult greenfinch with its baby. The baby keeps flapping its wings, begging for food. If gives up after a while and starts feeding himself. Then stops again to do more begging! Oh s/he’s just TOO cute!

Do They Have a “The” In Their Name?

If they do, then I probably like them!

It’s now Reading festival weekend, and the BBC are doing their regular coverage. Last night it was time for The Killers to headline. I still absolutely love them to bits, and it helps that Brandon Flowers is a bit morish! They did some new material. I think we were showed one song, but they wanted to be a bit protective of the rest. Not that it stops people with mobile phones and the like capturing footage.

I am SSOO loving The Ting Tings too at the moment. They were very good last night. Great sound for a two-piece group and far more melodic than The White Stripes (which they have been compared to).

Loving Editors too. I love the singers voice, nice and deep. A bit reminiscent of Ian Curtis (Joy Division) or the guy from Interpol.

It’s heavy metal themed today, so we have Metallica headlining. Not sure about that, but Tenacious D could be fun.

Baby David

I managed to get this the other night off the telly. Five were showing a “Before They Were Famous” program and it was promised during the opening we’d get to see Mr T in his now infamous Davina role in Rab C Nesbitt. Anyway, as the time came round for showing the clip, they showed this little gem beforehand!


Thank God we’ve got a PVR that has a 10 minute rewind, which meant I could quickly capture it onto DVD.


Update: Aug 24th

You wouldn’t believe the comments this clip is generating. No doubt all from women, all completely incensed that anyone should even REMOTELY ridicule their beloved David. It’s REALLY sad!

Shopping, shopping, shopping.

Went out with Em and Gilly (my father-in-law) today to Letchworth for some shopping. We stopped by Lidl first for some budget shopping. Stocked up on grape juice, baked beans (I love the baked beans they sell) and other non-perishables. We bought some vanilla creme wafers from there which we tried when we got home. YUM!


Then it was on to Morrison’s where I stocked up stuff that I like most from there, their facial tissues – cheap boxes at 35p each, but don’t come out of the box all attached together like other cheap brands (ASDA Smartprice being an example) and they are quite soft, for 35p. Got some cream of asparagus cup-a-soup, some cous-cous snack pots, among other things. Sweet things included sticky toffee trifle and lovely, lovely Baklawa, which I had been hankering for for quite a number of weeks now, and they were divine!


We hire a van tomorrow and have a second attempt to buy a new sofa. Hopefully things will work out tomorrow and around this time tomorrow we’ll be in possession of a new sofa, and possibly a chair as well. We were given the money to cover the lounge today as money that was owed us, so we might (if the sofa is significantly smaller than the one we have now) extend to getting a chair as well. Where else but Ikea could you buy a sofa and chair for £108?


Just a short and sweet one for now. I’ll leave you with an image of the sofa and potential chair…



I Have A New Addiction.

All of these things are normally down to Em. She’s been using the service since June and I’ve only just finally caught the bug. It was prompted mostly by hearign the news this morning that the UK arm of twitter won’t be letting people update their tweets via sms. The UK are losing their twitter number. Thanks twitter!

So, anyway, it’s prompted my move to finally go to Plurk. Not that they offer sms either, but it looks a nice structured web site. You get your own dedicated plurk page, and there seems to be a little chat community on there. I’ve already got one Plurk friend that isn’t Em!

I’ve put a widget on the side bar of my blog, with a link to my page, as well as Plurk itself.

Just a quickie for today.

Vet Dash

OMFG! What a nightmare we ended up having! We were hiring a van today. We had an appointment at 2.30pm to take Chris for a health check at the vets. Em was picking the van up at 1.30pm giving her time to come back and get me and Chris for the vet check. Because of the whole bankruptcy thing we had to change bank accounts. The debit card we have now, the car hire place doesn’t except!
So no van. Em had to get to a phone box – her phone had run out of credit. She called her dad to see if she could borrow his car. YES! But she had to get there on the bus first. The bus left town at 2pm and would get her to her dads about 10 past. Then she’d have to come and get me and Chris. It was tight and I called the vets to let them know that we’d be 10 mins late, praying we’d only actually BE 10 mins late. Phew!
She was given the all clear and the go ahead for pet aid – free vet cover for low income earners.
The second reason for the van was for a visit to ikea for a new sofa. I was SO anticipating going there to get it. We’d planned it for like 4 weeks! And had been needing a new sofa for MONTHS! I was SO disappointed we couldn’t hire the van. What a day!

Lady Stardust?

Well, here’s the abortion I was referring to on Twitter last night.


It does seem to have settled a little bit now and gone a bit darker…just a tad…it’s STILL not what I was expecting though and I am disappointed with the colour. I actually think I look more C. U. Jimmy than Ziggy Stardust! Lord help me!