Question Time? Apathy Time, Twitter Time.

I want to be interested in politics but if that means me sitting at home on my harris each Thursday night watching Question Time, tweeting about it, pretending to all that I care – instead of ACTUALLY doing something (but hey, you know, it’s Apathetic Britain, right?), then I’m out! I’m not even going to pretend to care.

My voice means nothing and to delude myself that it DOES (and to not be pro-active enough to actually delude myself even MORE that it does) is ridiculous.

If one million protesters couldn’t change the mind of Blair on the decision for war in Iraq, what chance do we have against Thatcheron?

Delude yourselves if you want to.

I have been Duncan Bannatyne, goodnight!

A Pulse and a Hard-on.

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I was listening to Norman the quiz on ABC radio Sydney. Robbie Buck, the presenter, was asking callers what made them smile today, before they went on to answer quiz questions. Here’s what two callers said (there is about 13 minutes between each call).