Twin Vents…

Okay, two things I need to speak about here. I was going to do it on the Simple Minds Facebook wall at first…but thought I’d spare everyone (and Jim) having to read my written diatribe.


People who leave moaning comments on the SM Facebook wall about what they dislike/would change/do different/pretend to give “advice” on/generally piss on shit. STOP IT! STFD & STFU!

My very sage (and recently departed) brother gave me a piece of advice I always stand by, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing”. It worked for David. It works for me.

Yes, you can by all means dislike something, many things. We all do. But in the age of the Internet and social media some appear to think that this gives them a birthright to spew verbal diarrhea (or a term I heard Stephen Fry use years ago, which I still love – arse gravy) about ALL their “opinions” – mostly the bad ones. People have no restraint. No control switch. They’ll then smack down the “free speech” card on your table. No!

Freedom of speech is knowing you live in a country/society in which you are safe to “express” that opinion…it doesn’t mean you HAVE to express it/feel compelled to do so/have your words heard despite all costs. It’s not freedom to be a dick!

But, I digress.

If I dislike something, I may discuss it on a personal level with selected people. That’s fine. It’s “one on one” conversation. But if, for example, Jim Kerr puts a post on the Simple Minds wall about a particular song I’m not so enamoured with, I don’t pass opinion on it. Why should I? What would be the point in me saying “Well Jim, I don’t really like this song…but whatevs”? What’s constructive about it? My opinion doesn’t count. For as much I might dislike it (yes, I am refraining from using the word “hate” as I like to think that there isn’t a single Simple Minds song I “hate” but merely dislike or are my “least favourites” – call it sycophancy if you must – I call it respect), there are many others that will love it, most likely including the man himself. I mean, chances are, he wrote it after all!

Just stop moaning! You don’t like the set list…why did they leave this song out?…why is this song STILL on it?…blah, blah, blah…whinge, whinge, whinge. Get over yourself!


Someone posted a comment on an SM post saying something akin to “Oh, thank God you dropped all that American crap for the Big Music album and went back to your roots” kinda thing. That got Jim’s hackles up! (Rightfully so!) He firstly pointed out that, yeah, there is NO American influence on the Big Music album – only current single Let The Day Begin being written by an American and originally performed BY an American group! He then went on to say that without the likes of The Doors, Lou Reed and Patti Smith, there’d be no Simple Minds.

I’d extend that on to others that are deemed quintessentially “British” bands/artists. Without Little Richard there’d be no Bowie or Beatles. Without American Blues there’d be no Rolling Stones or Led Zep. Without New York Dolls/Ramones/Iggy Pop there’d be no Sex Pistols. Sssooooo many Brit acts have been influenced by American music…and inversely. So stop being such an ignorant music snob!!

Having said all this, Jim’s responses can be wonderful! Lol. Without people being dicks, Jim wouldn’t have the chance to be the “bite-back bitch” :-)) And my God do I love it when his hackles are up and someone has “lost” their “brain cells” – or “doesn’t know” their “onions”. I could kiss him! (Well, I could kiss him anyway…but…well, yeah)

Vent over.

Phew. That was cathartic 🙂