And When I’m Not Studying….

For uni. I’m studying this fine creature…

Sigh. (This one fell under the “where do I stick it?” dilemma. It was too much fun to just keep it on the SM blog, hence it ended up here as well. Jim Kerr under my tree? Yes, please! And thank you very much!*)

*not gonna happen in a month of Sundays… or Kerrsdays.

2 Replies to “And When I’m Not Studying….”

    1. Lol. I can’t help myself. I went with the baubles off his nips first, then thought about a couple of baubles hanging from…elsewhere and then saw that particular sticker in my art app and thought “Oh, why not?” 😜😜
      I really do wish that one day I could wake up and this version of him would be under the Christmas tree waiting for me. What I’d do then? Hell knows! Lol.

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