Anyone Know What This Bug Is?

Saw this lovely little bug outside just a short while ago sitting on the lavender bush, so iridescent! It’s about the same size as a ladybird. Anyone know what it is?

UPDATE: It appears the little critter is a Rosemary Leaf beetle. And lavender is a favourite food!

Foresquare’s For Squares!

Is that why they call it that? Actually, it isn’t REALLY for squares, it’s for really sad people who appear to be SO self-centered they think the rest of us CARE about where they are at any given time!

I, for one, think it’s dangerous. Espcially the aspect of broadcasting “Hey, I’m not at home right now burglars, go rob me!” ALL over the Internet. People tweet it, Facebook it, Linkdin it. It only takes one little slip to show your home address, post on Foresquare and voila! Burgled house.

WHY would I want to know “I’m (ie: you’re) at Tesco”?! Just, why??!

Sometimes I might share on Twitter that I’m going out, but I don’t say specifically when I’m going, the exact places I’ll be or for how long I’ll be gone. I share it as a general point of interest, not as a LOG!

I understand there are some elements of gameplay with Foresquare, like becoming mayor of a certain place. But really? Who wants to be mayor of Pizza Hut Milton Keynes?! Or Dollond and Aitchison Rickmansworth? Or kick out some sap who’d only just become mayor of Costcutters in Budleigh Salterton?

There are meant to be reviews as well but why not just use actual reviewing sites?

There you go, rant over. Normal service will resume.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?

Here is my current ‘to-read’ list figure…


But this is where I currently stand with my book-reading challenge…

Yes, there is a discrepancy between the number of books in my to-read list and what I’ve set myself in the challenge – and thankfully so! I’d NEVER get through 53 books in 12 months! I swore I’d never load my Kindle up with far more books than I could read. But here I am, nearly 12 months into Kindle ownership and the proof I failed is there in black and white.

Kindle books are TOO easy to purchase…

Coming Out

Kudos to Magda Szubanski for ‘coming out’ but I still can’t believe we have to talk about this in the 21st century. That people who are gay, lesbian, bi and/or transgendered feel the need to ‘come out’.

I’m not saying they should remain stealth. What I’m saying is that I can’t believe people still have a hang up about sexual orientation. And it’s all so skewed. No one feels the pressure to come out as heterosexual because that is deemed ‘the norm’.

But being in love with someone is ‘the norm’! Being human and loving and desiring other people is normal. Anyone who is in a loving relationship who is gay, lesbian, bi, transgenered, or even asexual is NORMAL! Humans love, who they love is NOT important.

Twitter #Fail

I am becoming truly disillusioned with Twitter. It just feels like it’s all full of hate at the moment. It’s starting to have that mob mentality that I really don’t like about social networks.

People REALLY think they can say what they like on there. Be blatantly rude to people, downright insulting actually. Then there are those that ENDLESSLY spoil other people’s enjoyment of TV programmes by giving away spoilers to them.

I used to enjoy participating in a hashtag tweetalong to the BBC Four, three in four weekly airings of, old Top of the Pops episodes, last year from 1976 and now this year from 1977. The programmes are 35 years old – I’m not really spoiling anyone’s viewing pleasure by tweeting about it.

Others don’t appear this mindful of other people and tweet about brand new episodes of things as they go to air (‘live’ as it were) assuming all others interested in seeing it are watching it there and then.

There are the spammers as well that can infiltrate your space whether your account is private or not. Even those with private accounts can be sent messages from people who are not following them. A stupid loophole really.

The endless bitching and hate gets to me. Just in recent days, the snide remarks over Whitney Houston’s death, a backlash of Adele’s success at the Grammy awards, people being millitantly anti Valentine’s Day (okay, we get you hate it! Stop going on about it!), and then tonight the return to Channel 4 of the series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Yes let’s ‘laugh at those stupid pikey’s’ (NOT my words) shall we? What great fun it is.

Twitter used to be nice.

I’ve grown weary, and so, I may just spend some more time here in my own company. And those of you who stumble across this and read my blog are welcome 🙂