Good Deed For The Day.

About 12.30pm today Em and I were at home. Em was hand washing a few items of clothes in the kitchen, and I was sitting at the computer editing video. Suddenly there was a loud thud at the kitchen window. It spooked both me and Em and we both thought it must’ve been the little shitty kiddy neighbour and his football hitting the window. But there was also the possibility it might be a bird.

Em went outside to investigate. She initially saw nothing, then on a second inspection she saw a bird in the bramble underneath the kitchen window (not directly under it though, hence he was not spotted the first time). He was a baby pigeon. Still with downy feathers and all grey (no adult plumage/colouring yet). He must’ve only just fledged the nest.


He was obviously alive, but we couldn’t tell if he’d suffered any wing damage. We cleared away some of the dense bramble (really spiky stuff with vines filled with thorns) and cleared a path for him to come back out. He was quite dazed and shocked.

We spent the next 90 minutes outside keeping an eye on him, making sure no cats could get to him. The weather was starting to turn and I was worried that if he got wet he wouldn’t be able to fly. Em got a big box and I slowly made my way towards him in an attempt to catch him and put him in the box. He started to flap and got a little air-born, but only enough to get him to the neighbours fuchsia bush. We tried to coax him out from there. Eventually he ended up on the neighbours front door step. It became obvious that he hadn’t suffered any wing damage as he was beginning to use them. We stepped back and let him have some room and a minute later he took flight and landed on the neighbour opposites roof. At last he was free and recovered. I hope he stayed on safe ground.



After diligently doing some video archiving until about 2am this morning (to see the video, check out – the name of the sight cracks me up, it sounds more like a forum for people wanting to talk about bowel movements! Em uses a third-party Twitter client called Spaz! Where DO they get the names of these sites/apps from?!)

Anyway, I digress. We’d been in bed about an hour (even though it was 2am when we went to bed, I still played with my Nintendo DS for a while) and I saw this flash of light come through the windows. I thought to myself “Gee, that was a strong set of headlights!”, then seconds later there was a rumble which made me think “That plane was a bit noisy.” It’s not unheard of for us to get planes taking off and landing at the airport on the wee hours, actually it’s quite regular. Then a few minutes later there was another flash and I finally realised…that’s no car headlights! YIKES! It’s a thunderstorm, followed quickly by conformation in the form of a particularly loud rumbling clap of thunder!

[dailymotion id=x5m9nz]

It’s hardly been “tropical” in the UK over the last few days, particularly in the south of England where we have been lumped with the worse weather over the bank holiday weekend. So to have a thunderstorm in such banal conditions felt REALLY odd. It hasn’t even been warm!! It was just freaky!

Kitlers! Schnell!!!

Em was referred to this site by a blogging friend. It has photos of cats that look like Hitler…or Kitlers, as they are called. LOL

Some are just FREAKY!

Check it out here.

Favourite Music Artist – J

I found this a really hard one to come up with someone. I’ll no doubt think of an act more worthy later on (like I did with C), but until such time, I’ll be an 80’s anorak and put…Howard Jones.


Favourite Music Artist – I

I’m going to “cheat” here, because I can’t separate out 3 acts.

Iggy Pop


INXS (til Michael Hutchence’s death)

Here’s Great Southern Land for all those expat Aussies out there…


Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final

More entertaining than Tuesday night with the added bonus that the UK got to vote for its favourite acts (hence Croatia and Latvia getting through).

Here’s a rundown of the good, the bad and the SSOO bad it’s good!

First off, I have to say I exercised my right to vote and voted for Turkey. A good traditional rock sounding song. They sung in Turkish but it sounded good. The music style was a but Manic Street Preachers. Quite good.

Something else not traditionally Eurovision was Bulgaria’s entry. I liked it, but I think it got a little lost in the mix.

Lithuania was BAD BAD BAD!!! The guy looked like a cross between Potsy from Happy Days and Nick Cave! He belted the song out like Meatloaf and a had a mullet that I haven’t seen since 1988!! Awful awful awful. BE WARNED!

The Czech Republic did a song called “Have Some Fun”. Probably the most incorrect song title of the night. I won’t even tortue you with a video.

Georgia got through to the final with a song sung by a blind Shirley Manson lookalike called “Peace Will Come”. It was sung in English which (I know I shouldn’t take the “piss” out of someone’s grasp of English, but…) made the song title sound like “Piss Will Come”, which had me in stitches. Tiny things pleasing tiny minds and all that…

At least the song had a political slant and wasn’t just another boring love song.

Now the “so bad it’s good” category. This belongs to Latvia and Croatia. A haaaarrrrr me maties! Here’s Latvia’s entry! Avast!!! Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!!

Croatian entry. 75 cent, you rock!!!!

Onwards to the final…

Eurovision 1st Semi-Final.

Well there wasn’t as many “gems” as I was hoping for. Of course there was Dustin from Ireland. I don’t think I’ll spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the semi yet by telling you he didn’t get through 🙁

Estonia was a stand-out. They were singing a song called “Leto Svet”, which by the English translations we were getting on the TV screen was all about having too much food and enjoying the summer light.

Another stand-out was Bosnia and Herzegovina with a song called Pokusaj by a guy called Laka. Really WEIRD presentation of the song, but the song itself was catchy. I watched a clip of it in English, but it wasn’t as catchy as it was in the native tongue.

Belgium’s was a bit funny. The song was done in a “non-language” (IE: gibberish), but it was sort of catchy.

Azerbaijan – I think they thought they were Linkin Park or something. Not my cup of tea. The presenter kept saying one of the guys singing looked like a TV presenter here in the UK, Jonathan Ross. I LOVE the guys window-shattering falsetto at the start of the number though. The presenter last night said something like “If you have pets around at the moment, you might want to watch out”. Amazingly – they got through to the final!

I don’t know what was going on with the Finnish entry. I think they were trying to recapture the win they had in 2006 with Lordi. Lordi were a heavy metal act in full masked costumes. They did a song called “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and it was brilliant. This year Finland went for heavy metal again, without make-up and singing in their native tongue. It didn’t really work.

Russia’s song was awful. The guy looked like one of our “pop idol” serial wannabe’s Darius Danesh. They got in the final, but only (I think) from the help of Evgeni Plushenko skating around the stage!

That’s it for now. More gems in the days to come I’m sure. Including the Spanish, Croatian and Latvian entries.

Favourite Music Artist – H

An Oz act now – Hoodoo Gurus

I absolutely loved them in the 80’s. Probably one of my all-time favourite 80’s acts. Here’s a YouTube clip of one of my fave song of theirs.