The Archers: Not for Lefties!

Well, it appears that way anyway…


I started listening to The Archers earlier this year. Em has always had an aversion to it for two reasons mainly: 1) It’s about the middle classes and small village mentality (her thoughts) and 2) It’s on Radio 4.

I can’t explain really just WHY I was that interested in it. Perhaps I saw it as an exercise into ‘how the other half live’. Which to a degree it sort of is. I get a giggle out of some the somewhat coservative slant of the characters. I find it amusing. But I am enjoying listening to it.

So much so that I found myself wanting to discuss it with others but because I know NO ONE ELSE who listens to it, I found myself going to message boards. This caused some apprehension in itself as I listen to the Omnibus edition each week, and not the nightly episodes. So I had to be careful not to introduce spoilers.

The official Archers web site has a message board for fans but the people on the discussion board are so like the more prudish and conservative characters in the show (worse than them actually) I find myself very out of my depth and in the minority. Also, most are long listeners and know the characters SSSOOO well – or at least THINK they do (and therefore perhaps judge them way more harshly than someone like me, only several months into listening, only just got to grips with all the characters and still not privy to a lot of back story) – and know them far better than I.

So I thought I’d look at Facebook. If anything they are worse! All a bunch of conservatives! I am feeling very ostracised! Perhaps being Left-wing and an Archers listener is an even weirder notion than I first thought? Maybe it’s akin to Norman Tebbit liking Eastenders? Lol

Who’s That?

Paul O’Grady? Danny La Rue? Teller from Penn and Teller?

No. This is an artist’s impression of newly freed Julian Assange! I had to take a still from the TV because it made me LOL so much!


WTF?! Lol

I Am In Love

Peanut butter just hasn’t tasted like peanut butter should for me for some time.

In recent times I hadn’t been so concerned as ASDA had been selling an ‘Extra Special’ variety made with cashew nuts which was SUPERB!

But earlier this year ASDA stopped selling the ES chashew nut version. Damn you ASDA!!!

So then my search began for an appropriate peanut butter replacement. There just isn’t one!! Due to FSA regulations or some other inherent crap, I am no longer allowed to buy sweet peanut butter! Most to me taste like (for want of a better description) peanutty butter – bland, not sweet and just…nutty. To compensate this I would spread a thin vaneer of honey onto my toast/muffin before adding the dour peanut butter.

On a recent visit to a Morrisons supermarket I discovered Reese’s Pieces. I knew of the Peanut Cups and had had them several times but the pieces sounded like fun! Like peanut butter filled Smarties or M&Ms!

I bought a packet and LOVED them! Next Morrisons shop I bought several more.

Then during our last trip to Morrisons I couldn’t find them. Not ONE pack! I came away forlorn and heartbroken.

Not to worry, there are plenty of online specialty shops selling U.S. sweets, I’ll track some down!

Morrisons sold a 43gm bag of pieces for 27p. The cheapest I found a bag from a specialty shop? EIGHTY NINE PENCE, my friends!!!!

I found an online shop that did larger bags so I got the price of a 43gm serve down to about 67p – the best I could find. While at this shop I saw they sold several other Reese’s products, including variations of the peanut cups, nutrageous bars, etc. On the list were jars of Reese’s peanut butter. I thought “Hang on a minute! If the peanut butter tastes the same as what’s in the chocolates, it’ll be deliciously sweet!” Squee!!!

I took a gamble and ordered two jars. And oh my word! What a great choice I made! Reese’s have saved me from unsweet peanut butter hell! Now having peanut butter on an English muffin or toast once again feels like the treat it should be! No more adding honey – it just isn’t the same.

Hershey’s maybe poo but Reese’s are the BOMB (irony is Reese’s is MADE by Hershey’s, WTF?!)!