Hoots Man! Scottish Music.

It’s no secret I love my music. But it’s come to my attention recently that I do have a healthy love of music of bands and artists from Scotland. The size of this list might grow as I remember more acts, but at the moment I’ve got several acts to discuss.

It started off with Simple Minds. I don’t think I was aware RIGHT at the beginning about them being Scottish. And no – I was NEVER going to start this list with Bay City Rollers – are you kidding?! I remember seeing “Promised You A Miracle” way, way back in 1981 or whenever it was. But it wasn’t really until the mid 80’s when they had the bulk of their success that I got into them. I’ll be hard-pressed to name a favourite song, but if I can name five songs, I’ll manage that better:

Glittering Prize
Someone Somewhere in Summertime
Love Song
All The Things She Said

Next up is Eurythmics. Must add them due to Annie Lennox, even though Dave Stewart is a Geordie (from Newcastle). I loved them right from the time of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). I bought the Touch album and even had the remixed Touch Dance album. I’ve been playing these albums again recently, with my second favourite Eurythmics album, Revenge. I thought my top five for them was going to be a breeze, but because I love SO much of Touch, it might be harder than I expected.

Love Is A Stranger
No Fear, No Hate, No Pain, No Broken Hearts (off the Touch album)
Aqua (also off Touch)
It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)
The Miracle Of Love

Next is Big Country. Oh my God! I loved them! I suppose they were sort of the 80’s equivalent of the Bay City Rollers, ‘cos they were just SO in-your-face Scottish! It was all check shirts (okay, not so Scottish, but on Scot guys check looks like tartan) and guitars that sound like bagpipes. I adored Big Country and thought Stuart Adamson (R.I.P) was a bit alright to boot. But I remember thinking it strange they had a black man in the band (I know!). Now for my fave five. Ooh, it’s hard. I had to go back through the Big Country catalogue. I haven’t heard any of their stuff for so long, I was worried I wouldn’t get to five, but here they are:

Look Away
Fields of Fire
East of Eden

The next are The Proclaimers. David Tennant’s favourite act. I never really bought any Proclaimers stuff, but you can’t help but love them. When I first saw them, I thought they were the epitome of Scottishness. Ginger, bespectacled, pasty. How could they only come 5th in a list of the “most Scottish” people?! But they make anthems. Everyone sings along to I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and I’m On My Way. A top five isn’t really possible for me here (sorry Proclaimers fans), so a top three will have to suffice:

I’m On My Way
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
King Of The Road (or is that Rood?)

Another person I HAVE to mention, predominantly known for only one hit (but what a hit it was) is Edwyn Collins. Had to mention him for A Girl Like You. That was just EVERYWHERE in 1994. What a killer anthem it was. He hasn’t been in the best of health in recent years, and he deserves much praise.

Travis is next. I loved The Man Who. They have a kind of MOTR sound that I like. Soft harmonies and I love the tone of Fran Healy’s voice. I should really give them more attention than I have ‘cos they are great. An easy top five:

Writing To Reach You

Texas now. I remember I Don’t Want A Lover in 1989, but it was a bit of a one-hit wonder and they fell off my radar until the late 90’s. Then they seemed to have hit after hit for a few years. I loved the new, poppier direction their music went. Anyway, on to the top five:

Black-Eyed Boy
Summer Son
Inner Smile
Say What You Want

Okay, now we get to Franz Ferdinand. Probably one of my favourite acts of all time. Ooh, a top five is going to be SSSOOO hard as I love all their stuff SO much. I might even have to come and update this when the new album gets released early next year! Oh, they are just arty and rocky and indie and poppy. I love Alex Kapranos’s voice and he is quite easy on the eye to boot. Shame about poor Paul though! Those teeth! Here’s my top five (today):

The Dark of The Matinee
I’m Your Villain
What You Meant

That was so friggin’ hard, and I could’ve added more. I should have just added the album titles and have done with it!

Snow Patrol now. Mixed in that some members are Northern Irish, but they were formed in Scotland, so I’m sure Scots would claim them. I don’t really have a collection of their stuff, but I do love their music. I think they make fantastic modern-day power ballads. Here is my top five:

Chasing Cars
You’re All I Have
Spitting Games

Lastly, KT Tunstall. She’s a feisty little thing! Don’t really own her stuff, but love her stuff. There are not many female Scottish artists around, so it’s good she’s there. My top five:

Black Horse and The Cherry Tree
Under The Weather
Suddenly I See
Hold On
If Only



I have just spent the last hour looking for a suitable new image for my plurk page that’s David Tennant themed. Well, more to the point, just trawling through images of DT to find one of him I wanted to use. I decided on what is probably my favourite picture of him.


This one. I love it so much because he’s wearing his trusty Abercrombie and Fitch hooded top. He has a brown cord coat on over that, and the A&F logo gets obscured by the brown cord coat to read “fit”, which I just LOVE. And he just looks immaculate in the shot. Groomed, clean, looking reflective. Just pure male hotness.


I have relapsed into being REALLY gone on him. I felt I’d pulled it back a little lately. Even though I was still watching DVDs of things with him in it, it was all stuff I’d not seen him in before, or things (in the case of the Quatermass Experiment) I hadn’t watch for years.


But after the latest dream, you know, of him bringing me home two adopted children(!?), I’ve just relapsed to him being in my thoughts all the time. Usually with this song (see end of post) swilling around in my head, accompanying my thoughts of him. I sssooo need help.


I haven’t done it until now, but I’m going to do it from now on and add to past ones as well, so you can avoid them if you desire. I’ll make a David Tennant label, so avoidance of DT posts can be possible.




Kylie Minogue – The One

Personal (and general) Musical Pinnacles.

I wanted to write a post about what, for ME, are/were the pinnacle points in music. But not just generalized, but in my life, my musical taste.

I’ll start with 1972, the height of Glam rock. Glam is a genre of music I still love to this day. One of my favourite albums of all time is The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, released in 1972. I suppose Glam rock really started in around 1970 with Marc Bolan and T-Rex of which there are songs I do like. I like Cosmic Dancer, Metal Guru, Children of the Revolution, among others. Most of the songs and groups I love though for me, Glam rock peaked around 1972. If it hadn’t been for Glam, we probably would not have had David Bowie. He’d been around for several years already and had a modicum of success with Space Oddity, but it was very much a one-hit wonder thing for him until Ziggy. So for me the first pinnacle year is 1972. It gave us Glam and it gave us Bowie.

The next pinnacle year – 1977. The height of new, electronic music. It gave us Kraftwerk and a newly directed Bowie, giving us in that one year two of his three Berlin Trilogy albums, Low and “Heroes”, whilst also producing and co-writing on Iggy Pop’s The Idiot and Lust For Life. A very prolific period for him indeed and gave us electronic gems like A New Career In A New Town (Low) and Sense of Doubt (“Heroes”). This sound would pave the way for New Wave and later, dance music in general. Many groups point to Kraftwerk and 1977 Bowie as inspiration.

From there, we go to 1981. Two musical genres collide here to make a very exciting time musically. New Wave and New Romanticism clash to make one of the best periods of modern pop music history. The acts are just rich! The songs as well. Human League’s Don’t You Want Me, Soft Cell’s cover of Tainted Love, Ultravox’s Vienna, Duran Duran’s Planet Earth are just some of the songs and acts swilling around. Basically, from this point until 1984 is probably my most loved era of music. It probably mostly coincides with my being a young teen and getting my own defining taste of music, but I just love this period of music. I don’t love ALL 80’s music, I don’t love ALL of the 80’s! There is a marked, audible decline in music by 1985 as far as I’m concerned, which has lead to the predominance of the over-manufactured pop we get now. I lay the blame solely at the hands of Stock, Aitken and Waterman. These men should be hung, drawn and quartered for their “contribution” to music. We do have things to thank them for, Kylie Minogue, Mel and Kim and Rick Astley. But also they gave us The Reynolds Sisters, Sonia, and changed Bananarama’s career for the worse as far as I’m concerned. There was amazing music from 1981 to 1984. It was if not the best period of modern musical history, then it’s definitely in the top three!

I must mention in this gap, there was the break-up of The Smiths. A group that sadly escaped my attention until the late 80’s at the earliest. I was definitely into them by the early 90’s though. Just had to mention them.

Next, a little detour around 1991. We get the first wave of dance music with things like Dee-lite’s Groove Is In The Heart. And we also get…Nirvana! And grunge. But no-one ever thinks of grunge without Nirvana. But of course there were other pioneers. Sonic Youth, Beck, The Breeders, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, and even a few “harder than grunge” acts like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. A good little beginning for what is now probably labeled EMO music.

Next, 1995 – the second Brit invasion with Britpop. LOVED this period too. Before the invasion though, and me discussing it, I have to make a mention of Bjork. She came in the wave of the rave scene of the early 1990’s with her Debut album in 1993. A pinnacle album for me. Just had to mention it as it’s sort of between timelines. Anyway, on to 1995. A Brit wave began. It must have been odd for some groups as they’d been around for some time before really breaking, like Pulp. They had formed way back in 1978, but didn’t really make mainstream impact until Common People and the Different Class album. Blur had been around a few years, had a minor hit with There’s No Other Way in 1991, but it wasn’t until 1994’s Park Life did they really come into prominence. Other acts of note were of course, Oasis, Supergrass, Suede and The Verve. Loved, LOVED Britpop. Being such a musical Anglophile, I found it fab.

Penultimate of the musical pinnacles for me is around 1999 when I moved to the UK and found myself in a resurgence of dance music and chill-out stuff. I bought several “chill-out” albums in the early Naughties. Mostly all Ministry of Sound produced. There was stuff like Alice DJ, DJ Spiller, Armend Van Helden, Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx, Avalanches, The Chemical Brothers (although around for some time), Goldfrapp, Royksopp, Air, William Orbit, all making an impact on my listening taste. I very much enjoy this genre of music.

Last of the pinnacles is 2005. Lots of new indie bands make their way to the mainstream. Two of my current faves, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers come to prominence then. As well as the Kaiser Chiefs and groups like The Futureheads. Also to come on the scene a little later was The Feeling.

Well, that’s it. My musical pinnacles. Let me know what you think.

My next topic for music will be my list of Scottish acts I like.

Musical Personalities and Being Gay.

I saw a story on the BBC News web site yesterday about a study that a professor of Heriot-Watt University in Scotland carried out. The research found that people could have their personality defined by their musical tastes. Here’s the results:

Blues: High self-esteem, creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease

Jazz: High self-esteem, creative, outgoing and at ease

Classical: High self-esteem, creative, introvert and at ease

Rap: High self-esteem, outgoing

Opera: High self-esteem, creative, gentle

Country and Western: Hardworking, outgoing

Reggae: High self-esteem, creative, not hardworking, outgoing gentle and at ease

Dance: Creative, outgoing, not gentle

Indie: Low self-esteem, creative, not hardworking, not gentle

Bollywood: Creative, outgoing

Rock/Heavy Metal: Low self-esteem, creative, not hardworking, not outgoing, gentle and at ease

Chart Pop: High self-esteem, not creative, hardworking, outgoing, gentle, not at ease

Soul: High self-esteem, creative, outgoing, gentle, and at ease

Interesting, but what if you like several genres like I do? And how the hell do they come up with people who like classical music are introverted, and people who like rock are gentle? What if, like me, you like chart music as well as indie and dance? Can I be both creative and NOT creative, hardworking yet NOT hardworking, and have both a high AND low self-esteem at the same time? Am I bi-polar? All fair and good if you only like one genre of music and stick to it, but it’s hardly rule of thumb. It suppose it compounds that EMO’s are misery-guts’?

Another interesting little finding are the top ten GAY albums! Number one on the list is Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. There’s a high proportion of albums on the list that I either own or want to own. I’ll mark the ones in brackets. The top ten reads like this:

1. David Bowie – The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (own it)
2. The Smiths – The Smiths (don’t own it, but have Smiths songs)
3. Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman (owned it)
4. Indigo Girls – Indigo Girls
5. Judy Garland – Judy At Carnegie Hall
6. The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead (see other Smiths entry)
7. Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (like to own it)
8. Madonna – The Immaculate Collection (owned it)
9. Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual (owned it)
10. Antony And The Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now (own it)

I’m SSSSSOOOOOO gay! There’s actually a list of 100 albums in the “gay” chart. Click here for the full list of albums.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.

Every night I go to bed, hoping that I’ll have a lovely dream about David Tennant. Most nights I’ll either have dreams, but not any of him, or no dreams (well, no remembered dreams – as we’re all meant to dream every night even if we don’t remember them) at all.


But last night was different. Man, did I end up having THE loveliest dream. Not only were me and Mr T together, but I think actually married. Well, in a long-term relationship at least. He’d just come home and asked me to come outside to the car, that he had something to show me. What was it? Only two little children he’d adopted for us?!!? A boy and a girl. The little boy was about 3 or 4 years old, and his sister, the little girl was roughly about 18 months old. They were absolutely adorable – and black -no problem as far as I’m concerned, but would’ve made it quite clear the kids were not biologically ours.


I spoke to the little boy, asking his name, while he alighted from the car. In the meantime David was taking the little girl out of her car seat. The last image I had before I woke up was of David walking back to the house with the little girl on his hip. OMG! I just woke up with the broadest smile on my face. It was the loveliest, loveliest dream. Even now I’m like “what the hell was that about?” and STILL catch myself smiling thinking about it. It was SSSOOO sweet!


I can only assume it must’ve resulted from a little Mr T overload. In recent days I’ve watched The Quatermass Experiment and some episodes of Doctor Who. The Doctor Who episodes always seem to spark my fantasies. Although I don’t know how they sparked such a far-fetched, but wonderfully dreamy scenario in my mind last night.


I finally got a copy of Recovery to watch now. Recovery was a one-off BBC drama with Mr T and Sarah Parish (who he worked with on Blackpool). He plays a man who’s had an accident and ends up in a coma. He awakens from the coma with head injuries that leave him slightly impaired and with a different personality to how he was. It’s pretty heavy stuff, and from the snippets I’ve seen he produces a wonderful performance. I can’t wait to view it proper.


Anyway, enough of Mr T dreams for now…


This was kind of what the it was like, that lasting image (except only a young boy and girl and the girl was smaller and black).

Ah, to sleep is to dream.
In my dreams! Lol

Sh!t a Brick!

I’m in mourning. The BBC News has reported this morning that the new, highly anticipated U2 album, rumoured to be released in November, won’t be released until the New Year. Hellfire! I was SSSOOO looking forward to that. Now it seems all the new albums from artists I love are all coming out in 2009, goddamit!

That puts U2, Franz Ferdinand and Antony and The Johnson’s albums all into next year.

It doesn’t make a U2 tour kicking off in 2009 very plausible either. I only really have had two “before you die” events that I wanted to strike off in my life. One was seeing David Bowie live, which I did in 2002 at the Manchester Move music festival. The other is to see U2 live. Something which looks unlikely to happen until 2010 at the earliest now.

Sometimes being a music fan sucks!

Alien Autopsy and Sci-Fi.

I just watch the DVD of Alien Autopsy, the film with Ant and Dec in it. It wasn’t too bad. Not absolutely “laugh out loud” funny, but good to watch. Liked seeing the story behind it.


There was a repeat of the Quatermass Experiment on BBC Four last night. They seem to be repeating a lot of Mr. T’s acting back catalogue on BBC Four at the moment. I watched it when it was repeated in 2005 (it originally went out live while I was away in Oz in 2005) and it was one of the first things to be on TV when it broke DT would be the next Doctor. I think with it being sci-fi based as well, it generated interest to see how he’d be.


I’ve got other DVD’s to watch. The final parts of the first series of Medium, the first 3 episodes of series 3 of Doctor Who and Blades of Glory, which I’ve been wanting to see for ages.


Coincidentally, the new, 4th series of Medium starts tonight on BBC One. I’ve recorded it as I’d like to try and watch the rest of the other series’ first.


Another thing I’m really anticipating is the (long, long, LONG overdue) return of Ugly Betty!! Yay! I have missed Ugly Betty SSSOOO much! God damn friggin writer’s strike!!!


Had a bit of a financial crisis today. Don’t really want to go into detail, but things will be REALLY tight until the rent is paid this month. Bread and jam for the next 10 days, me thinks! We’ll be okay. Just wasn’t something we really needed to happen right now, but you know how things are.


I Spoke Too Soon

Despite what I said in my earlier post, there ARE no repeats of the second series of Doctor Who. I stupidly thought there would be because it ended on the David Tennant – 10th Doctor Christmas Invasion episode last week. But that, sadly, seems it. Godammit!!

So now, apart from Einstein and Eddington coming on towards the end of the year, I WILL have to wait til Xmas for a DT fix…well, actually airing on TV anyway!

DVD’s and movies.

Been filling my time with watching some DVD’s and listening to music. I’ve been watching the first series of Medium. It’s a bit arse about face, but I watched some of the last series (the 3rd/4th series?) on the BBC and it just got me hooked, so thought I’d start from the start. Only problem is, the DVD rental service I use, they have series one and series three, but NOT series two?! WTF??? So, I’ve had to be “naughty” in getting series two.


Speaking of being “naughty”. I got a film Mr T did in 1998 called “L.A. Without A Map” from a friend of a friend of a friend…


Has a moderate length of cameo appearance by Johnny Depp who crops up in several scenes. Mmmmm, 2 for the price of 1. Wipes up drool on floor with paper towel.


It weren’t a bad film. A shame really that Mr T hasn’t had much of a film career, but there’s time, I suppose. Still, we get to see far more of him as The Doctor anyway.


There are repeats of the 2nd series of the new Doctor Who now on BBC Three, so I’m not having to suffer from too many withdrawals until Xmas. I’d still love to get to see Hamlet in London, but not sure if I can stretch to it.


I’ve been listening to music via headphones on Em’s phone. I don’t know HOW many mp3 players I’ve tried in the last few years, to finally find that Em’s phone is the best player of the lot!! On rotation have been U2, Split Enz, Antony and The Johnsons, The Killers and The Ting Tings, with this song in particular on concurrent rotation in my brain.


Split Enz – I Hope I Never


I do love my music. Well, that’s about it for now. Short and sweet.