Favourite Music Artist – P

This is a little bit more drawn out than I hoped, but it’s probably better that it IS like this anyway (the whole fave music acts thing, I mean). I realised some time back that I made a mistake with “I”, adding Iggy Pop to my I list, when rightfully, he should be here. But anyway…

My first P is…Pulp. They were the epitome of Brit Pop on the mid 90’s (even though they’d been around for YEARS already). Loved them. Love “Common People” and bought “Disco 2000” as a single back then. Love Jarvis Cocker as well, continuing the whole “tall-streak-of-piss-cool-geek” thing I’m on atm. He recently wrote a song called “Running The World” with the chorus line “c*nts are still running the world”.

Pulp – Trees

My second choice is Pet Shop Boys. I’ve never really bought any of their stuff, but I love a lot of it.

Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly

Finally, a mention to… Power Station. A short-lived supergroup with John and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran, Tony Thompson on drums, and Robert Palmer as singer. I thought their sound was f*cking awesome! I bought the album at the time (circa 1985) and played it to death. Tony Thompson’s drumming was just killer! He did a lot of work for Bowie as well.

Power Station – Get It On

Obviously a YouTube clip can not reveal the powerhouse of sound, but it was ROCKIN’, trust me!!!

No DT’s over DT.

I think I’ve already come out of the worst of it. The DT’s for DT have subsided. I still think the man is WELL hot, but just the total irrationally obsessive behaviour has subsided a lot.

Still totally hooked into the theories of how this series of Doctor Who is going to end though. There are so many theories going around. Like (regarding the regeneration) the Doctor will split in two (two Tennant Doctors), a second Doctor played by either Christopher Eccelston (back to 9th Doc) or David Morrissey will happen. Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) is a Time Lord…I could go on and on. It’s a LONG wait til Saturday. Some people are convinced that David Tennant continues to play the Doctor as they’ve seen filming in Cardiff in which he’s involved in. But Em made a very valid point that if you (the BBC production crew) didn’t want leaks, you’d still have DT on set, even if he was no longer involved in the process?

Anyway. there are more pressing things to get on with…like actually becoming bankrupt.

Today is the day, says Em. The procrastinating is over. It’s bankruptcy time!

We’ve got an online grocery shop arriving soon.

And yesterday we actually went out – I mean outside – in the sun! We went into town to pay some bills, get some things, etc. I had to pay our broadband and TV license. I nearly had a heart attack! I had £25 to pay on the broadband and £11.80 to pay on the TV license. I paid the broadband first then handed the assistant the TV license card and said “And can I pay £11.80 on this please”, she said “80 or 18” I said “80” (I thought she was confirming the final figure). Anyway, she swipes the card, puts in the figure then says “That’ll be £118” (which isn’t even 80 and 25 quid together anyway, WTF?). I just stood there dumbfounded. Then she said to be “What did you want to pay on it again, 80 or 18?” I said “£11.80” and she was like “Oh!” and I was thinking “Yeah, give me a friggin heart attack, woman!” Worst of all was when she finally got the figure right and it was time to pay, she had to use a calculator to add 25 and 11.80 together!!!! Lord have mercy!

You have NEVER seen queues as long as we get at the town’s post office. You lose the will to live just LOOKING at it sometimes! Poor Em had to line up so we could put money on our pre-paid credit card and get proof of posting on some DVD’s. It took her 20 minutes to get served.

We bought a pair of shoes each. We have matching shoes! How autistic are we going to look going out together in matching shoes? There were some cheap T’s too, so Em got two of them. We went wild spending a whole £14 on ourselves!

Our mall is SO damn overcrowded. I get agoraphobia just walking around it, it’s so bloody full of people. And there’s never really a time of day when it ISN’T swarming with people.

But, it was nice to get out and actually mingle for a while.

Today is going to be WELL hot. TWENTY SEVEN degrees man!! Woah, has summer returned? And it’s Wimbledom time as well. Unprecedented!

Anyway, I’m off.