Man Flu, Black Books and Casanova.

I’m already starting to get over my “man flu”, thank goodness! I know it’s hard to believe, but the weather has actually been hot of late and having man flu in the middle of a heat-wave is NOT fun! If you don’t believe me, I snapped this from the TV last night. This is today’s forecast!


YES! That is a three and a zero, together, hovering over London!!!

I can hear titties outside!!! Yay!!! Titties are back!!!! Can you tell I love tits?

Anyway, I am already feeling better with my man flu, but I now have yet ANOTHER fungal infection and my boobs are red-raw, which isn’t fun in this weather either. I wouldn’t care if I only ever got to use it for 2 days a year, I SSSSSSOOOOOOO want air-con!

Just finished watching the 2nd series of Black Books last night and the 3rd is coming in the post today with the Casanova disc. Even MORE David Tennant to OD on! There was a special Doctor Who Prom on at the Albert Hall yesterday. It was broadcast on the radio with a little specially made clip played during the interval. Mr T wasn’t there himself, as he’s being Hamlet at RSC Stratford at the moment, but he was in the little specially commissioned clip. Radio listeners didn’t miss out as it was available on the official Doctor Who web site as well.

Lovely and interactive, must’ve been great fun for the kids there, believing The Doctor was talking to them all, too cute!!

All of series four is being repeated on BBC3 at the moment. Silence In The Library was on last night…that’s SSOO scary the way that ends with “Donna Noble has left the library. Donna Noble has been saved” repeated ad nauseam while a clan of Vashta Nerada (the dust in sunbeams – hidden in shadows) that have invaded a human body manoeuvre it chasing The Doctor and a group of archaeologists down the narrow halls of the library.


These episodes to come are my faves, the second part of this (Forest Of The Dead), Midnight and Turn Left, all brilliant.