Animal Crossing: Photos of gameplay…

A few pics travelling to/from the island.



My RL friend Kelly visiting my town and us posing at the cutout standee there.



Pics from Mira’s birthday.



Various goings on in town over the past 24 hours.

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  1. Ahhh! I just love it! I am so grumpy they wouldn’t let me party with Mira! So bizarrely antisocial social game sometimes.

    I just love the pics of what happened! The Mira thing about moving! That’s what the Dumb Horse did when I was all “YES GO AWAY” when he was talking about leaving! That whole “oh nm I’m just being passive-aggressive.” Though I’m glad for you she’s staying, I know you like her too. I like her new catchphrase 😉

    And the fire pit looks so festive! I bet it sounds great! I don’t think I have the option for one yet. I’ll see after I get the cafe, I’m 30k bells away from getting it, I should pay it off today & have it by tomorrow!! Exciting! I sooo can’t wait for some Pigeon Special Brew in the morning while I have my real morning brew!

    *hug* I am having so so so much fun!

    * sent from space via the iSubPhone … bloop! *

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