I Have A Wii!

I’m slowing becoming a gadget princess! It’s the beauty of “buy now, pay July 2010”. This is DEFINITELY my last gadget purchase of the year!

I got a Nintendo Wii yesterday with Wii Sports included. I also bought Animal Crossing: City Folk, but that doesn’t arrive until Thursday.


Wii Sports is FUN! But it really DOES give you a workout! There are several sports to play: 10 pin bowling, tennis, baseball, golf and boxing. The bowling is fun. I started on that first. Then I attached the numchuck to the Wii remote and tried boxing. Man, that WAS a workout! I was getting right into it and was buffed out. I lost my first fight – I was KO’ed. Em says to me “let me have a go?” and handed over the equipment to her. She floored her opponent in seconds!!!

I played tennis and that was pretty hard as well. Then I played golf last night.

My arms are KILLING me this morning! I can hardly move them! I can see that I’ll get good exercise from it. I’m really, really loving it so far 🙂

3 Replies to “I Have A Wii!”

  1. hahaha have fun with it! Oh and a word of advice if I may? (know of someone who actually did this last week) Whatever you do, never let the control go when it’s pointing towards the tv…this chick wrecked her HD telly haha

  2. OMGOMGOMG I am SO JEALOUS!!!!I’ve asked for a wii for like, every holiday for years!I WANT ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!Though I AM getting an iPhone for my bday. Not the super duper one, but still, it’ll make life SO MUCH EASIER.(sorry for the subgirlspam@gmail.com addy, i can’t sign out of it for some reason. It’s just my email i use for signing up for coupons and things. it’s still me! :)-K

  3. Thanks for the Advice Wendy 🙂 Worry not, I will try and never let go of it! The Wii remote has a rubber grip on it to help keep it in your palm, and a wrist strap too – which you can tighten around your wrist, so I’m hoping I’ll never lose my grip on it when I’m playing the sports games :-)Kelly: I got AC early and I’m already playing it. I already thought you had a Wii? Man, wish we could play WiFi ‘cos the Wii uses WPA settings for the ‘net, not WEP (more secure – Kyle would like!). I wish you were getting a Wii instead of an iPhone!!! AC on the Wii is SSSOOO neat! I (heart) it!!!!

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