What Economic Downturn?

We went shopping yesterday. I was wanting to go to see Australia at the cinema, but the film is SO long, it would’ve depleted any chance to shop. So we just shopped.

I’ve been wanting to get slippers, so went into the cheapy shoe shop and they had some marked down to £2.49. That’ll do me! So I got myself a pair. Em’s been wanting Wellington’s so she could work on the allotment site. The store had wellies, but not in her size. I asked at the counter did they have any in the Em’s size (size 9) and the girl says to me “they start at size 11”. WTF? She went on “unless you want the designer ones like Disney or Spongebob” then I was like – in my head going “Oh, she must have thought I meant kiddies sizes” I said “No, I mean mens sizes” – and she just looked at me and said “Yeah”, then said “Oh, you’ve got two left slippers, hold on” and walked off to get my right slipper. When she came back, she didn’t pick up where she left off, so I’m STILL none the wiser if they were any size 9 mens wellies. I can’t imagine they’d have 8’s and 10’s but no 9’s! It left my rather perplexed. I’m sure she never had a second thought about it. How DO people like that get jobs?

Anyway, on to Debenhams. Where I had two missions. One – to find some nice new towels – hopefully marked down in the sales. Success, yay!! Two lovely Christy towels marked down to half price. I was happy with those. The other was to find a Radley purse. Unlike when we got to the homewears bit and there were towels aplenty to chose from, the Radley purse section had been WIPED OUT! There were like 3 purses left and none of them took my fancy. There were more Foirelli bags than you could shake a stick at by comparison though. All these years being a Foirelli girl, but none of them really took my fancy, and most weren’t even discounted anyway.

So, that’s why I ask, what economic downturn? Certain swathes of Debenhams had been completely wiped out! It was insane!

After that we went to HMV, but no DVD’s took my fancy and not many things were marked down.

Then on to Wilkinsons. Just bit and bobs from there. Restocking of food for the birds and little things like that.

Into WH Smith to find a Playboy alarm clock, but it wasn’t there. Playboy I hear you say? Yes, but not from some weird kinkiness, but because the clock face is meant to have hands that glow in the dark. It’s a long story which I might write about in a future post. Suffice it to say, we lucked out.

Lastly to Maplin’s to get some DVD+R’s. That was it, shopping done. Me with a broken back and aching feet. I SO need to lose weight. Here comes a resolution!

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