Another Prize Arrived

I was notified of this win a couple of weeks back and have been imaptiently waiting its arrival. But here they are now, arrived in the post this morning. I’m most looking forward to watching Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I’ve heard that What To Expect When You’re Expecting is meant to be funny, but not sure if it’ll be my cup of tea. I can only watch and see anyway. Friends with Kids will probably be more my cup of tea – and I like Chris O’Dowd. I watched a trailer for Magic Mike – that just looks like a re-do of The Full Monty to me…but I’ll give it a go.

Lionsgate DVD bundle win from Cineworld on Facebook.
Lionsgate DVD bundle win from Cineworld on Facebook.


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  1. Omg love Dirty Dancing! And uh, Mgic Mike is not a Full Monty redo as far as I know. Especially since the cast is actually (traditionally) all very sexy men. (I have different ideas for sexy men than most I think, but yeah, at least one guy I think is pretty dang hot) and it’s by Soderburgh so it should be good. Not to mention the premise is that these guys are established strippers, not “regular” guys who strip like in the Full Monty. It is nominally like the Full Monty in that there is guys taking their clothes off?

    Anyway, I hope you like the movies! (Oh Chris O’Dowd is in a show called Family Tree playing on HBO here, it was on after VEEP – The Armando Iannuci US political comedy. They are both HILARIOUS shows.)

    * sent from space via the iSubPhone … bloop! *

    1. Me too 🙂 A classic…and PS, hot, hot hot!!

      Oh, okay. I just thought the plot sounded sort of similar. I only half took the trailer in. I hope it’ll be funny. I am (well, Em and I both) sssssoooo wanting to see the Liberace film that Soderburgh did. I find it hard to take Matthew McConaughey seriously as an actor. Someone (a comedian maybe?) made an observation about him years ago that he has short proportioned arms that look like flippers and from then on I can NEVER take my eyes off his arms! Lol.

      I’ve been entering comps to win the first season of Veep on DVD. I’d like to see it. Don’t know who has the rights to air it here. Probably $ky, the rip-off arseholes!

      I hope I like them too 🙂

      1. OMG Liberace was CRAZY GOOD. Rob Lowe STEALS the thing tho.

        I need to look at how you might be able to see/get HBO there. I’ll ask the SO about looking for ways to help you out.

        Veep is SO worth it. And SO AMERICAN. It’s really surprising how well they did localising the concept. It really gets better end of this season too & you can TELL the Chris Morris eps.

        1. The trailers and bits I’ve seen I’m not surprised Rob steals it. That makeup job is hilarious!

          I didn’t realise Chris Morris was involved with Veep. Those eps must be BLACK…

      2. Oh and OMG the flippers! Yes! Hopefully he’s just “eye candy”

        Luckily he’s not the lead. I can’t stand his voice. And now also his flippers. ;D >.<

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