Tumble Down Teds.


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At around 8.45am on Thursday morning, I fell down the stairs. I could feel myself falling, but there was no way to stop the propulsion when it happened. I felt every little bump and mishap on the way down. I could also hear every second of Em’s “Oh, oooh, poor Teds!” commentary on the way down. When I finally got to the bottom, I was on my back and feeling quite trapped. Em was right above me, checking how I was which was making me feel a little claustrophobic. I could feel I’d hurt my knee and my elbow. I started crying – more from frustration and shock that it happened to me, rather than because I was feeling badly injured.

After a couple of minutes, I managed to get up.. My knee felt badly twisted, and when I sat down on the sofa, pain surged through my right knee area. I elevated my leg on a foot stool to try and stop it hurting so much, and took two ibuprofen tablets.

My mum called shortly after to ask if I could arrange a grocery delivery for her online, as she was signing off (she was going to call back in an hour to do the shopping), I started to cry again. Obviously she was concerned and then I had to explain that I’d just falling down the stairs. Poor mum. I had her worried as hell when I started crying! I reassured her I was okay, apart from my knee.

Shortly afterwards I needed the toilet, so had to try and stand (and negate the stairs again). I actually felt better standing up than I did when seated. I took that as a good sign. The stairs were okay to negate going up, but not so nice coming down. I took my time! But because I can’t lift my right leg up too much, it sort of makes coming back down the stairs more painful.

My first nights sleep was quite painful. I couldn’t really get my leg in a good position. I normally sleep on my stomach or left side. I was kind of okay sleeping on my left side, but couldn’t sleep on my tummy – which REALLY pissed me off. I did try, but my leg really didn’t like being in that position, so I’d have to go back to be on my left side and it would KILL moving my leg!

Last night my sleep was a bit more comfortable, even though I still couldn’t lay on my stomach. I used a pillow to help prop my leg up when on my back or on my left side.

I haven’t got my leg so elevated today. I’ve also successfully negated having a shower as well, so that’s making me feel better.

It might take maybe a week to 10 days to really recover, but I think my knee will without me needing any medical treatment.

Small mercies…


I also grazed my left elbow on the way down and bruised it. It only feels sore if I move it awkwardly. The graze is drying out and hurts if I fold my elbow up fully (IE: close my arm into my chest), but it’s fine compared to my right knee.

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  1. OUCH!!!!I’ve only done it once myself but was lucky to end up more or less skidding down on my behind and ended up with just a sprained ankle. That looks nasty and uncomfortable! I hope it’s not going to cause too much grief for you.

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